Armour Heights Town Hall (2020)

Armour Heights Town Hall

Below you will find the previous Armour Heights Town Hall recording and notes.

Armour Heights Town Hall Summary Notes

 Agenda:6:30PM - Councillor’s introductions6:45PM - Eric Chan with Transportation updates6:55PM - Kyle Yang with 167 Armour Park updates7:05PM - Questions and AnswersCity and Community Updates
  • Regrettably COVID-19 numbers have gone up:
  • COVID-19 updates - October 15
    • Ontario = 738 new cases
    • 239 = Toronto
  • York Centre by-election is coming up on Monday, October 26 2020.
 Community Office
  • Our new community office is now located at 2800 Keele Street unit 1.
  • Hours: by appointment only
 Community Environment Day Drop Offs
  • We’ll be hosting a “Mini” environment Day on October 18th
  • Location will be the Dufferin Transfer Station – 35 Vanley Crescent
  • The new format for events will allow for residents to safely drive to and drop off items for disposal and to pick up free compost (a 2 bag limit will apply).
Bike Share now available in York Centre
  • Toronto’s bike share program is now available in York Centre.
  • The Bike Share program is now available in York Centre. Stations can be found along the finch hydro corridor.
New Public Health Measures: Province & City of Toronto
  • The Province of Ontario has placed the City of Toronto into a modified Stage 2 for a minimum of 28 days.
  • These new public health measures form the Province include the following:
    • Reducing limits for all social gatherings and organized public events to a maximum of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained. The two limits may not be combined for an indoor-outdoor event;
    • Prohibiting indoor food and drink service in restaurants, bars and other food and drink establishments, including nightclubs and food court areas in malls;
    • Closing of:
    • Indoor gyms and fitness centres (i.e., exercise classes and weight and exercise rooms);
    • Casinos, bingo halls and other gaming establishments;
    • Indoor cinemas;
    • Performing arts centres and venues;
    • Spectator areas in racing venues;
    • Interactive exhibits or exhibits with high risk of personal contact in museums, galleries, zoos, science centres, landmarks, etc.;
  • Prior to these restrictions from the Province, the City of Toronto adopted new temporary by-laws to mitigate the second wave of COVID-19 infections.
  • These by-laws are for Toronto in Stage 3.
  • These restrictions include: :
    • Limit the total number of patrons permitted to be inside at any one time to 75 (down from 100)
    • Maintain a customer log for each patron, not just one person from the party
    • Limit the maximum number of people able to sit at each table, both inside and outside, to six people (down from 10)
    • Keep background music and any other background sounds, such as from televisions or other electronic sound producing devices, no louder than the volume of normal conversation (with the exception of live performances carried out in accordance with the provincial Stage 3 regulation).
Update on City of Toronto Recreation Programs: Effective October 13, the following recreation programs and services are suspended for the remainder of the year, including:
  • registered and instructional programs such as learn to skate and swim programs, dance, group fitness and wellness programs
  • hockey games and scrimmages
  • drop-in sports programs other than leisure and lane swim and leisure skate table tennis, billiards, foosball
  • access to the City’s conservatories
  • indoor permits for social gatherings and sport games/group fitness.
The City will continue to operate the following programs with capacity restrictions and other health measures in place:
  • Leisure swim and skate lane swimming
  • Fitness centres
  • Arts and general interest instruction
  • After-school Recreation Care
  • December camps for children
  • drop-in youth programs that do not include sports
  • indoor athletic training permits with no game play, including hockey training
  • permits for outdoor sports Page
Working Groups
  1. Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Working Group
  2. Community Safety Working Group
  • We look forward to having more people from the Armour Heights Community join these working groups
  • 32 division, which oversees Armour Heights, other than their patrol units and regular units, also has:
  • 4 neighbourhood officers
    • With 2 dedicated to AH
  • That’s why they are spearheading the city’s new Auto Theft Suppression Task Force, which launched a month ago. While local units are looking at the individual car thefts, this task force will look at the organization level and who is directing and selling these stolen cars.
Centennial Library
  • We are happy to announce the building of a new state of the art library, replacing the existing Centennial Library.
Eric Chan - Transportation Services Presentation
  • Vision Zero initiatives:
    • Speed limit reduction
    • Be safe campaign
    • School safety zones
  • A review of 25 intersections for new stop bars, pedestrian crossing lines, and centre lines.
  • Plan to be implemented next spring.
  • Bikeway construction
    • York downs - Armour Blvd - Bombay Ave - Avenue Road (exit route to be determined)
Kyle Yang - Parks, Forestry and Recreation - 167 Armour Parkette Update 
  • Community would like to have a space geared towards passive recreational use.
  • COVID-19 has delayed the project.
  • Design options will be presented to the community in early 2021. Then a construction schedule will be presented to the community.
  • The project will be aimed to be completed by the end of 2021.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions you can email
Question and Answer Session:Paul asks: We need an extension of the water pipe at Earl Bales Park and we also need a barrier for smaller dogs at the leash Freezone
  • We can review this in the spring. I am supportive of this to have a small and big dog area. There is a funding source available. We can ask City Staff to extend the water pipe for the dog park.
Laurie asks: I am very concerned with traffic on Armour and Bombay and delhi. Need actual stop lights to slow it down. Small children walking to school and traffic blazing through.
  • I understand that this is a problematic intersection. There should be a crossing guard there. City Staff from Transportation Services have confirmed that this intersection will be under safety review and is top priority.
Alana asks: I live at the corner of armour and bombay and am very concerned by the lack of cars that stop at the stop signs.
  • Please join our Traffic Working Group. We've been working with some of the local residents there as well as Transportation's Traffic and Signage teams to see how we can calm traffic at that intersection.
Joanne asks: Car thefts and damage to the area are rampant. Is anything being done about this ?
  • 4 neighbourhood officers, With 2 dedicated to AH
  • 32 division has experienced more auto thefts than ever before.
  • That’s why they are spearheading the city’s new Auto Theft Suppression Task Force, which launched a month ago. While local units are looking at the individual car thefts, this task force will look at the organization level and who is directing and selling these stolen cars.If you see any crimes, please go to - - and click “File a report”.
Laura asks: What is the status of the sidewalk on Westgate Blvd?
  • We had it approved years ago. Then City staff removed it from the capital plan. However, we would like to complete the parkette first, then we will get the sidewalk put back on the capital plan.
Debbie asks: Hi. The corner of Bathurst and Wilson (and both streets) is in desperate need of a facelift. Counsellor Mike Colle has been working on a plan to make Bathurst between the 401 and Lawrence more esthetically pleasing and safer. It would be great if this could continue up Bathurst north of the 401 to Sheppard and Wilson to Wilson Heights. Some trees were planted on Bathurst but it stopped at Lyonsgate and did not continue south to the 401. Will the tree planting continue in that direction? Is there a similar plan in the works for Bathurst street north of the 401 as there is south of the highway? As well, will the Clanton park and Balmoral park tennis courts be resurfaced soon? Thank you
  • I would be happy to focus on tree planting and planters. We have spent a lot of money on public art and beautifying the area. There is more work to be done, and happy to support these initiatives.
  • We will be having a community meeting next year in the Balmoral area to see what capital upgrades should take place and what the priorities are. This will take a lot of capital to conduct upgrades.
Thank you for participating in the Armour Heights Town Hall